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Check out CopTweet. The place for cops to meet and tweet.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009 in Blog

Ok. Here’s the deal.

I’m launching a new website. Not surprisingly given my own police background, it’s aimed at law enforcement colleagues around the world and it’s called CopTweet. You can view the site at

The idea is that if you are a serving or retired cop that uses Twitter, someone who is actively involved in the wider policing family, or the administrator of a police force, unit or department that uses Twitter, then CopTweet is for you.

CopTweet provides a single place for cops, and people involved in policing, to see what is going on in the world of cops and police departments that tweet. My hope is that CopTweet will become ‘the place for cops to meet and tweet’.

How to use CopTweet

Simply enter your email address, choose a password, register your Twitter feed and you’re done. Your tweets will show in the rolling list on the ‘latest tweets’ page and colleagues around the world can see what your bit of policing looks like, what your issues are, and the policing things that are holding your attention. Simple huh !

Now to your bit.

Before I start publicising the site in earnest, I would be grateful if you would test it for me, so that any usability issues are ironed out.

Simply enter your email address, choose a password, register your Twitter feed and that’s it. By the way, if your twitter ID is OpenEyeComms you don’t need to put in just OpenEyeComms and you’re away.

What I need to know is: Does the site do what it’s supposed to, is it easy to use, is the wording and are the instructions clear on the site, is anything missing, have you any suggestions ? You get the idea.

I want to make this a great site, so, If you know of any cops or police departments that use Twitter, or friends and colleagues that may just be interested in viewing the site, please pass this along to as many of them as you can and ask them if they would take a look and test the site.

Hopefully they, in turn, will pass it along to their friends and colleagues and the feedback will make the site as good as it can be and useful to everyone.

Thanks for your help. I really appreciate it. Let me know your comments at


BTW. You can ‘follow’ me on Twitter at or just see what I’m tweeting about right here on Thanks once again !

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